Record Store Day returns for a fourth annual installment this Saturday, and today we’re taking a look at what Northeastern Pa.’s Gallery Of Sound locations have in store. Highway 81 Revisited is sponsoring Gallery Of Sound’s Record Store day activities.

In addition to a slew of giveaways and special-edition releases that will be for sale (more on those soon), the Mundy Street store in Wilkes-Barre will present in-store performances by Title Fight, Miz, Pappy and more, including Joe Crookston and Billy Rogan, who have a full show later in the evening at St. Mary’s Center in Scranton.

The giveaways and special items for sale are too numerous to list in full — you can find a complete list of national Record Store Day items and in-stores across the country at RSD’s official site, and Gallery of Sound seems to have most of them — but there’s a few we’re particularly excited about that we’ll highlight here.

The free Sub Pop sampler comes in an embossed, die-cut package and includes 18 art prints with information about each of the artists and a folded poster. It includes songs from The Twilight Singers, Mogwai, Dum Dum Girls, J Mascis, Obits, Low, The Head and the Heart, Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes, Chad VanGaalen and Mister Heavenly.

Nirvana’s “Hormoaning” EP
Gallery of Sound will also have a Title Fight 7-inch, including a coupon that can be used on the band’s full-length debut when it comes out May 2; new 12-inch versions for the early 1990s tour EPs by Nirvana (“Hormoaning”) and Sonic Youth (“Whore’s Moaning”); two Grinderman 12-inches, The Decemberists’ “Live At Bull Moose,” recorded at an independent record store; Phish’s first-ever live vinyl release, a 7-inch called “Two Soundchecks” which is extremely limited, according to Gallery of Sound’s Joe Nardone Jr.; a Mastodon/ZZ Top”Side By Side” 7-inch, with each band’s version of the latter’s “Just Got Paid”; a Green Day/Husker Du”Side By Side” 7-inch, with each band’s version of the latter’s “I Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely”; an Omar Rodriguez Lopez 2-CD compilation; a Ryan Adams and The Cardinals double 7-inch, “The Mythology EP,” featuring unreleased material from the “Cardinology” era; and a Beach Boys double 10-inch single 78 RPM of “Good Vibrations” and “Heroes & Villains.”

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