Highway 81 Revisited is more than a music blog. Founded in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and now based in New York City, H81R is an independently owned and operated website that publishes music news, views and reviews across various musical genres, from Americana to indie and even heavy metal and more obscure underground artists. Our primary regions of interest are New York City, Scranton, Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley and Poconos regions of Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to presenting the most compelling and interesting content to our readers, whether in the form of exclusive interviews with legendary artists like Alice Cooper, Yoko Ono and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter (who as a policy, “does not do interviews”) or a profile of a lesser-known artist who makes music worth listening to and reading about.

In addition to our interviews, concert reviews and award-winning photography, H81R publishes exclusive multimedia content, including video and audio interviews and exclusive debuts of new songs and music videos from various artists.

While H81R is, obviously, a website, we also exist in the “real world.” We serve as a sponsor of Susquehanna Breakdown, a large-scale festival at an 18,000-seat venue in Northeastern Pennsylvania; at the Breakdown, we hosted a VIP Meet & Greet and conducted exclusive, backstage videotaped interviews. You might have also seen us at events like Briggs Farm Blues Festival, Arts on the Square and various events at venues including the F.M. Kirby Center and the River Street Jazz Cafe. In the winter of 2013, Highway 81 teamed with Scranton Made to release “Snow Tracks,” a digital compilation of songs by artists in our coverage area.

If you’d like to share news about you or your client’s music, talk about placing a cost-effective advertisement or propose a sponsorship partnership, we would love to hear from you.