By Jesse Faatz

Photos by Jesse Faatz

STURGES, Pa. — Fans and friends packed into the Wildcat Saloon to support The Liberty Underground’s CD Release on Dec. 26th.

Frontman and founder Jon Chorba has been working over the past few years to write, record, mix and master the album, which originally started as a solo project.  Using his experience as not only a musician but also as a producer, Chorba recorded almost all the tracks himself receiving assistance only for drum tracking by Zhach Kelsch.  When everything was finally finished and recorded, he found himself searching to form a band to play the tracks live and have a release party.  Similar to how Dave Grohl formed the Foo Fighters, the formula worked for Chorba, and he found himself enlisting the help of some of NEPA’s standout players including Kelsch on percussion, Mike Mancia on lead guitar, Mike Stang on bass and Bryant Olson on rhythm guitar.

The power five blasted through their two sets keeping the energy level high as they played all the tracks off the new album “Three Feet from Gold” while adding in some cover tracks including songs from Tool, Clutch, Guns N’ Roses  Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, to name a few.

Opening acts included Robert Anthony & the Confluence and The Molly Pitcher Path.


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