WILL BEEKMAN HEAD SHOTWelcome to WILL CALL, my own small corner of Highway 81 Revisited. As someone who watched Mike Lello and his team build this blog from the ground up, I’m very excited to be a small part of it.

Music has always been a big part of my life and has often had more control over my emotions than I’ve ever had myself. Sad songs have always made me happy. Heavy songs have always kept me light. Music has made dreams come true (I once saw the Ramones in concert!), and it keeps me dreaming for more (Where are you, Tom Waits?).

And now, music is a part of my living. Sort of.

Today, I am the Executive Director for an 1,800-seat performing arts center. My daily responsibilities include, but are by no means exclusive to, negotiating with agents to bring artists to town and then overseeing everything that goes into putting that artist on stage. It’s usually fun.  It’s always interesting.

I want to begin by writing an unwritten rule: “What happens backstage, stays backstage.” I believe in that rule. I will blog by that rule. This space will not expose any secrets, but it will give those on one side of the curtain a quick peek into life on the other.

I don’t live it, I just have access to it.

And now, so do you. Sort of.

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