Glitterer, aka Ned Russin, on Thursday released “Life Is Not A Lesson,” the title track from his upcoming LP, due Feb. 26 on Anti- Records. The song follows the recent releases of album tracks “Are You Sure?” and “Didn’t Want It.”

“The song ‘Life Is Not A Lesson’ came about halfway through the writing process,” Russin explained in a press release. “I borrowed the line from a recently written-yet-unused lyric. It seemed like the sentiment in the song answered a lot of the questions that earlier songs had brought up, and the further along the album went it just felt right to title the album after this lyric and its solution. It summed up succinctly what I was trying to say all along: Life is not a lesson to be learned.”

Russin co-fronted Title Fight for many years, before, as the press release put it, “the band suspended operations.”

Title Fight formed in Kingston, Pa., and in a 2019 interview with Highway 81 Revisited, Russin cited his small-town upbringing as providing a blank canvas for him and similarly minded artists to fill.

“I think the best thing the area provided us with was boredom,” he told us. “I think being in a place where we had to make our own fun made us practice a lot and made us have shows that were kind of crazy in a way, because what else are we going to do? There was nothing else for us to do. We couldn’t go to the bar. I guess you could go to a movie or something. Either go to a show and make your own music, or do nothing.

“We were trying to write stuff that people react to and feel and get behind. It was more than just entertainment. It wasn’t we were just trying to fill our time. We were trying to figure out who we were and say something about it and not feel like we had to do what everyone else was doing or act how everyone else was acting.”

“Life Is Not A Lesson” tracklist

1. Bodies
2. Are You Sure
3. Try Harder Still
4. Little Backwards Glance
5. How A Song Should Go
6. The End
7. Didn’t Want It
8. Indeed
9. Birdsong
10. I Made The Call
11. Fire
12. Life Is Not A Lesson

Photo Credit: Farrah Skeiky

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