Photo by Keith Perks

Sleeplore debuts its new track, “Easy,” today in advance of the Dec. 15 release of its self-titled debut EP.

With his first EP as Sleeplore due next week and the project’s first live show in the rearview mirror, Clyde Rosencrance recently joined us to chat about the endeavor that has been a few years in the making. After years of working as a producer and band member, Rosencrance revealed the challenges and advantages of working on his own music, his songwriting process and the achievement of finally bringing Sleeplore to the stage at the recent Electric City Music Conference. You can watch the interview here.

You can also check out an in-depth look at Rosencrance’s process and check out a few exclusive performances for our Practice Space series here.

For Practice Space, Rosencrance spoke with Keith Perks about the formation and naming of Sleeplore.

“The concept of this music has been in existence for years,” he said. “When I was recording a lot of this music I never had a specific intention. It was really just an outlet at any given moment. The idea of putting some of these tracks out there under a name or a project really started to get some traction a few years ago when I pulled out a few of the tracks and started to make a list. The list has changed so many times, and there are many songs that haven’t appeared yet, or maybe never will for this project. I think the songs I’ve chosen so far do have a commonality.

“Coming up with the name was one of the hardest parts. I really wanted something that was one word and didn’t really have a specific literal meaning. I wrote names in a notes app for years. Sometimes I’d come across something that struck me and I’d add it to the list. Other times I’d sit and think about it. One day last year I sat down and decided that I had enough to chose from I just needed to pick something and go with it. There were a few contenders, but Sleeplore ultimately won.”

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