Last fall, Sean Flynn, as American Buffalo Ghost, released his debut EP, “The Devil Takes Care Of His Own.” While it hasn’t been quite a year since that first foray, the Scranton-area artist has completed a full-length album, due out later this summer, and he’s learned a lot since that first go-around.

“It is much bigger,” Flynn says of the new record, “The Great Remember.” “The last EP was me really seeing if I could do this kind of thing and be able to stand. Over the year of playing out I got better at it and this album I really think reflects that. The last one had my friends just helping me out to flesh it out but now it feels like a band that plays regularly so it really gels. The album is really different from a lot of stuff in the area and I hope people will take that away when they hear it.”

While a release date for the album hasn’t been locked down, you can listen to the premiere of the track “September” below.

The song, as well as the album title, came from a relatively unlikely place.

“I discovered and fell in love with this song called ‘The Great Remember for Nancy’ by Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers. I would listen to it and get caught up in it. I saw a whole story in my head from it and that is how the lyrics to September came to be,” Flynn explains. “It to me is the whole feel and sound of the album. I wrote a bunch of songs to sound like that and make it a concept album but it didn’t work but I kept that song and to have that big sound. That’s why there’s a bunch of references to autumn and fall time on the album. And it’s because of that song and that concept I got my album title, ‘Songs Of The Great Remember.'”

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