Brian Langan isn’t just the guy who designed the logo for this website, or the guy that’s half of the Panked! DJ crew or the guy from The Sw!ms or even the guy that texts us about “Law & Order SVU.” He’s also one of the folks singing the theme song for the zany new cooking show “Let’s Eat!” which is on Comcast On Demand.

According to Philebrity:

Plastic Little‘s Kurt Hunte just got a new gig as host of Comcast OnDemand’s “Let’s Eat!”The new program is a cooking show for kids where Hunte takes email requests for recipes and is paired with co-host The Hydra, a lucha libre-inspired wrestler. Spank Rock and Amanda Blank perform the theme song, with guest vocals from Rose Luardo of Sweatheart, Jon Barthmus from Sun Airway and Brian Langan from The Swims.

The theme song starts at around the 1:40 mark in the video. Hungry yet?

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